My first show.

well my head hurts a bit as i write this. had a bunch of very expensive rum with my buddy Pablo at the Milk Room last night to celebrate my first installation of SAMAPS. a LOT of rum. whoops. besides a mildly dizzy and foggy feeling, i'm overwhelmed by a sense of pride that i haven't felt before. a solo mission in art that is becoming something. even if it stopped with this show, here, at the chicago athletic association, i would feel so complete. i talked a little about it in the podcast that will be released soon, but i've always made music with other people, played live with other people, produced other people. rarely do i write entirely on my own and see it released into the world. so here is my creative brain making something just for me that people are reacting to positively. and it feels so good. so thank you to whoever reads this, or checks out my art online, or in person, or buys a print. seriously means more to me than you know.

here is a time-lapse of setting up the show . . . thank you Jill and AJ and the rest of the staff at the CAA hotel. GREAT hotel. highly recommend stopping through here when you can and having a drink and playing some shuffleboard. shake shack delivers to the room here for f's sake. 



Lincoln Timelapse.

uh. weird just wrote a whole post and it disappeared. whatever. james' birthday and hometown. missed a s'more bbq while drawing this one. bummer. but not bummer cause i really like this map. anyway. here it is. 


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St. Louis Timelapse.

okay we are back out again. samaps and timelapses galore. here is st. louis. did the score myself today. enjoy. about to play in lincoln, NE, home of the one and only james valentine. pretty awesome. its his birthday tomorrow so punch him in the arm if you see him. without further ado . . .


Worcester TimeLapse.

yes, i messed up again. no baltimore time-lapse. i know i know. devastating right? GoPro was out of batteries when i started. already getting a dual battery charger for next round of shows. ha. didn't get enough. bummer too, because mr. carmichael did a terrific play on the house of cards theme. yes we know. its not DC. 

so we skip to worcester. nedra, our lovely and talented chef who keeps us healthy on the road, left a a "haunted pubs of new england" book on our dinner table that day. seemed appropriate to go a little spooky with. so i saw the witches hat amongst the highways and went with it. enjoy. 1863 (aka jesse royal) did a very "stranger things" type of theme to match. nice. 

we are back in action in a bit. someone i know is having a kid. but after that, more maps and timelapses and fun and music and travel.





had fun with this one. found an amazing tennessee atlas in the Mast General Store ... normally i try to avoid split pages but this particular map opened up at the middle right on Knoxville. perfect. pull the staples out and bam. meant to be. okay okay i get excited about unexciting things. whatever. enjoy. 1863 doing the music again.  #gopro



MEMPHIS Timelapse.

here it is. enjoy. i'll change up the view for the next one i swear. just been enjoying my little back lounge bus table post show vibe ... travis killing it on the slide guitar for this one, with 1863 (aka jesse royal) on the beats. 



loving the blue neon light in our back lounge. this is my new favorite place to do these. post show. fix myself an old fashioned, set up the camera, go. this one is already posted to redbubble too. okay. enjoy. i'm making a solid effort to add the silliest "production" to these. this week i tried animating the samaps logo. wow. crazy, huh? what to do next. until next time . . . 


Orlando - lack of time-lapse.

interesting moment last night. started a drawing. set up the camera. HATED the result. there was too many people backstage perhaps . . . too much distraction . . . travis filmed me stomping on it actually. then later on the bus, much more calm, with a cocktail and no pressure, i knocked out a pretty good one. apologies for not having a time-lapse, but sometimes you just need a break . . . #samaps #nogopro


okay here's miami. its going to be funny watching the progression of my final cut skills (or complete lack there of) ... tried some text! tried some image overlay! threw in a beat i made a while back! this one actually is one of my favorite maps so far. cheers. enjoy. going to try to scan this one and upload. still no luck yet with new orleans but i'm working on an option. enjoy. ORLANDO we are here and ready to go. see you tonight! #gopro #samaps #m5ontheroad #miami


NOLA timelapse.

i'm pretty lucky to have a true new orleans musician play some piano on this one. thank you PJ and, of course, jesse carmichael, for doing this one . . . who's up next? travis? james? enjoy. working on scanning this one to post on redbubble asap, although its really fucking big so i'm not entirely sure how i'm going to do it. yeah, stitching. but its stitching 10+ images together. tricky. anyway. back in a bit. enjoy NOLA>   #gopro #samaps

the first of many lapses . .

so this was me practicing with my new GoPro on a malibu map. can't wait to do more. tour approaches. better have all this shit in line quick. ugh. simplicity . . . efficiency . . . these things drive me nuts . . . enjoy this one. first map on tour will be san antonio. will be posting the video, hopefully, the same day as show. and if i can manage to get these things scanned decently, posted to the various stores and social medias by the next day? we shall see. i recommend making the video full screen. looks way better. 

new site info.

okay moving to squarespace. i ain't talking smack about wordpress. i get it. its open source. tweak able and free form. but my brain is loving the simplicity here. 

this blog will be the home for the time-lapse videos i make on the road. i think. unless i find a better way. which i'm sure there is.