My first show.

well my head hurts a bit as i write this. had a bunch of very expensive rum with my buddy Pablo at the Milk Room last night to celebrate my first installation of SAMAPS. a LOT of rum. whoops. besides a mildly dizzy and foggy feeling, i'm overwhelmed by a sense of pride that i haven't felt before. a solo mission in art that is becoming something. even if it stopped with this show, here, at the chicago athletic association, i would feel so complete. i talked a little about it in the podcast that will be released soon, but i've always made music with other people, played live with other people, produced other people. rarely do i write entirely on my own and see it released into the world. so here is my creative brain making something just for me that people are reacting to positively. and it feels so good. so thank you to whoever reads this, or checks out my art online, or in person, or buys a print. seriously means more to me than you know.

here is a time-lapse of setting up the show . . . thank you Jill and AJ and the rest of the staff at the CAA hotel. GREAT hotel. highly recommend stopping through here when you can and having a drink and playing some shuffleboard. shake shack delivers to the room here for f's sake.