Worcester TimeLapse.

yes, i messed up again. no baltimore time-lapse. i know i know. devastating right? GoPro was out of batteries when i started. already getting a dual battery charger for next round of shows. ha. didn't get enough. bummer too, because mr. carmichael did a terrific play on the house of cards theme. yes we know. its not DC. 

so we skip to worcester. nedra, our lovely and talented chef who keeps us healthy on the road, left a a "haunted pubs of new england" book on our dinner table that day. seemed appropriate to go a little spooky with. so i saw the witches hat amongst the highways and went with it. enjoy. 1863 (aka jesse royal) did a very "stranger things" type of theme to match. nice. 

we are back in action in a bit. someone i know is having a kid. but after that, more maps and timelapses and fun and music and travel.





had fun with this one. found an amazing tennessee atlas in the Mast General Store ... normally i try to avoid split pages but this particular map opened up at the middle right on Knoxville. perfect. pull the staples out and bam. meant to be. okay okay i get excited about unexciting things. whatever. enjoy. 1863 doing the music again.  #gopro



loving the blue neon light in our back lounge. this is my new favorite place to do these. post show. fix myself an old fashioned, set up the camera, go. this one is already posted to redbubble too. okay. enjoy. i'm making a solid effort to add the silliest "production" to these. this week i tried animating the samaps logo. wow. crazy, huh? what to do next. until next time . . .