St. Louis Timelapse.

okay we are back out again. samaps and timelapses galore. here is st. louis. did the score myself today. enjoy. about to play in lincoln, NE, home of the one and only james valentine. pretty awesome. its his birthday tomorrow so punch him in the arm if you see him. without further ado . . .



had fun with this one. found an amazing tennessee atlas in the Mast General Store ... normally i try to avoid split pages but this particular map opened up at the middle right on Knoxville. perfect. pull the staples out and bam. meant to be. okay okay i get excited about unexciting things. whatever. enjoy. 1863 doing the music again.  #gopro



loving the blue neon light in our back lounge. this is my new favorite place to do these. post show. fix myself an old fashioned, set up the camera, go. this one is already posted to redbubble too. okay. enjoy. i'm making a solid effort to add the silliest "production" to these. this week i tried animating the samaps logo. wow. crazy, huh? what to do next. until next time . . . 


okay here's miami. its going to be funny watching the progression of my final cut skills (or complete lack there of) ... tried some text! tried some image overlay! threw in a beat i made a while back! this one actually is one of my favorite maps so far. cheers. enjoy. going to try to scan this one and upload. still no luck yet with new orleans but i'm working on an option. enjoy. ORLANDO we are here and ready to go. see you tonight! #gopro #samaps #m5ontheroad #miami


the first of many lapses . .

so this was me practicing with my new GoPro on a malibu map. can't wait to do more. tour approaches. better have all this shit in line quick. ugh. simplicity . . . efficiency . . . these things drive me nuts . . . enjoy this one. first map on tour will be san antonio. will be posting the video, hopefully, the same day as show. and if i can manage to get these things scanned decently, posted to the various stores and social medias by the next day? we shall see. i recommend making the video full screen. looks way better.