okay here's miami. its going to be funny watching the progression of my final cut skills (or complete lack there of) ... tried some text! tried some image overlay! threw in a beat i made a while back! this one actually is one of my favorite maps so far. cheers. enjoy. going to try to scan this one and upload. still no luck yet with new orleans but i'm working on an option. enjoy. ORLANDO we are here and ready to go. see you tonight! #gopro #samaps #m5ontheroad #miami


NOLA timelapse.

i'm pretty lucky to have a true new orleans musician play some piano on this one. thank you PJ and, of course, jesse carmichael, for doing this one . . . who's up next? travis? james? enjoy. working on scanning this one to post on redbubble asap, although its really fucking big so i'm not entirely sure how i'm going to do it. yeah, stitching. but its stitching 10+ images together. tricky. anyway. back in a bit. enjoy NOLA>   #gopro #samaps